Rincon High School

Welcome to Rincon and Foothill

Rincon and Foothill High Schools, in partnership with home, community, business, and higher education offer an alternative educational experience where individual student growth and success are the top priorities. Our students are encouraged to reach their full potential in a safe, personalized and supportive instructional environment. Our program provides students with the skills, knowledge, insight, and character-building experiences that will enable them to make a successful transition from school to post-secondary education, productive careers, and rewarding lives. It is our vision and mission that, as a result of attending Rincon or Foothill High School, our students will be:

Effective Communicators who competently receive and interpret messages from others (through active listening and purposeful reading) and express themselves well in oral and written form.

Complex Thinkers who analyze, evaluate, interpret and synthesize information from a variety of sources (including technology), and skillfully apply information to form opinions, make meaning and solve problems.

Mature and Emotionally Balanced Young People who reflect on their own behavior, practice self-discipline, set and meet goals, accept personal and group responsibility, and solve interpersonal disputes in a respectful manner.

Healthy Individuals who make and commit to positive life lifestyle choices that will support long-term wellness, fitness, nutrition, and hygiene.

Adaptable and Self-Confident Life - Long Learners who perform well while working independently and as a contributing member of a team.

Involved Citizens who contribute time, energy and individual talents to improve the welfare of their families and communities.

Gerardo Cornejo -- Principal gcornejo@cusd.net

Ray Vazquez - Assistant Principal rvazquez@cusd.net

Marlo Stoops -- Counselor mstoops@cusd.net

Kevin Reed -- Math & Science kreed@cusd.net

Jerry Dahill -- Social Science & English gdahill@cusd.net

Sylvia Garcia - Attendance sgarcia@cusd.net